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Holidays Sober?

December 11, 2016 by Kayce L.

Tis the season and holidays are the hardest times to stay focused on our serenity. Easy does it and keep the gratitude for life, One day at a time.Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year to come.


  1. Thomas Cromer says:

    Amen to that to everyone be strong stay Focus and love life remember god is awesome and all powerful!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. Sheryl says:

    I used to drink on holidays putting up the tree etc. sober 1100 days and I have realized that for me Christmas is a celebration of my saviors birth. Nothing else. I have learned to put away the expectation of everything needing to be perfect. I’m not perfect. That has helped me a lot and maybe it will help someone else.

    • Georgia says:

      I agree! This is my first Christmas that I can ever remember nit being totally drunk by the time i had finished decorating! Sad because I usually work up to decoratins I didnt remember doing! Very sad. But At almost 1 year sober~ I totally enjoyed ‘just decorated ‘ it was Very nicemerry Christmas

    • Jerry says:

      Today I look at the Holidays in a different lite. The ability to help others and make them feel welcome is my focus. Today I am useful to my family and they don’t have to walk around on egg shells waiting for the next explosion .I can walk with my head up and for that I thank my higher power and the people in the rooms for my sobriety

    • Mk21 says:

      Drinking the whole way through the holidays, not just decorating the tree!
      Thanksgiving, end of shopping day, wrapping gifts, baking cookies!
      This is my first Christmas sober, and it’s been going great, lights on the house that misbehave, shopping done, wrapping done, still some cards to mail, but they are stamped already! Cookies will be this week, and so far so good, I am praying everyday and have 15 meetings on my calendar before Christmas, so I hope to make at least 10 of them! Having a plan has helped me though the holidays in the past 11 months!

  3. Gayle R says:

    That is wonderful Georgia! Joy!
    Blessings to all this sober holiday season for us! I was happy to see this posting to join in! We will make it through together. Living sober one day at a time. Remember, Celebrate, Believe…

  4. Laura says:

    Christmas is different this year…kids are all grown and doing their own things. Our house used to be the place for all holidays and Christmas Eve – not this year though. We all live a few hours apart and no one wants to drive home!! What’s a sober woman to do? I know I have fellowship, meetings & HP but it’s freaking me out a bit – just me and the doggie! God Bless us all! ODAAT

  5. Chloeb says:

    Welcome Georgia! So happy you’re here!! Well Laura interesting and being how I do not believe in coincidences… your post kind of hit my feelings right on! Been sober for a few Holidays now but this one is different too.. we just moved at least 7 hours from one of our grown kids and grandkids.. the others are even farther.. they want santa to come to their house and I understand.. but it’s hard missing things and family during holidays but good old acceptance comes in.. we have to accept people places and things as they are because everything is happening exactly like it’s supposed to.. and we have to have faith in that too.. I’m grateful that I don’t have to be drunk and making everyone miserable along with me anymore .. i, too put decorations up drunk and a year later was still finding bottles and alcohol I stuffed in the Christmas boxes.. alcoholism is cunning and baffling.. but we do have tools and meetings and the fellowship are always a big help.. sometimes the only “thing” between us and a drink or our serenity is our higher power.. embrace that we have a program that helps us through this journey of recovery.. hang in there.. keep close to prayers .. and remember sometimes just staying sober for today is what makes today a great day!!!

  6. Kathy says:

    This is my third Christmas sober but first since my husband passed away 6 months ago. If not for my friends at AA I don’t know how I would survive it. With their and Gods help I hope to find a little joy this year.

  7. Bubba A. says:

    Over 3.5 years sober… Christmas can still get depressing. Most of my family drink hard. (My children). So sober dad does not get invited to the “let’s all get drunk Christmas party”. I know it’s for the best. I dive into service work and help others. But i still get sad and loanly at times. This too shall pass. Merry Christmas everyone.

  8. Susan says:

    Today is my first day sober. It’s not over yet but trying to get the courage to go to a meeting.

    • Chloeb says:

      Hey Susan !! Welcome and very glad you’re here.. I was also hesitant about my first meeting.. I did some online research and posting for about a week.. it was suggested to attend one to be face to face with people so I did.. walking in that first meeting was the best thing I’ve ever done! I felt hope for the first time. I learned that I have a disease and that there are other people that are just like me.. I was loved by them until I could love myself.. I’m so grateful today that I am an alcoholic and that there is a solution to life and that life can be lived sober .. I have serenity today abd it’s all because of AA and my recovery.. I suggest you get a big book.. I did and I read it through a couple times that first week.. I had no doubt I needed a meeting and no doubt that I was an alcoholic.. keep coming back and remember you can’t get drunk if you don’t drink that first drink! Just for today.. welcome again!!

    • Thomas Cromer says:

      Awesome Susan welcome !!!!!!!

    • Sheryl says:

      Welcome Susan you have come to the right place!
      We are all cool people with your best interests at heart.

    • SuMarie says:

      Welcome Susan, love your name. One day at a time is all we have. I encourage you to get a sponsor, find a home group, read the Big Book, and pray. These were suggested to me when I came into the program of AA. Merry Christmas sister in recovery. I love you ❤

  9. Dave C says:

    Merry Christmas to all new and old. Good post great responses. Headed home tomorrow for 5-6 days just the wife me 2 dogs and a cat. Kids haven’t been home in yrs. “Military”. Hope to see em together in March, oldest getting married. To the new folks continue this sober journey the promises do come true. Meetings meetings meetings. There’s even some good speaker meetings on U-Tube, good for the long commutes even. Safe travels in your journeys ALL

  10. Dave w says:

    Susan welcome. We all started at one time and know how you feel. Merry christmas

  11. Dave w says:

    Sitting here on Christmas Eve. Had a fight with addict son 2 weeks ago.
    Finally he moved out just left . We wanted him to get out and find his bottom yet again.
    Tough love feels tougher on parents.
    Conflicted as an old timer trying to help others for years.
    Having to let go of own flesh and blood when he is struggling, but we don’t recover till we are ready. He is in Gods hands.
    Don’t know if I will see him alive again. Being Christmas just makes you remember happier times, I pray he finds his way before the needle takes him.

  12. Dave w says:

    I’m glad you are all here. Haven’t had time for a meeting, but grateful to have this forum to listen and sometimes share.
    Trying to keep my sanity and serenity has been tough but you all help!
    Hope everyone has a sober safe new year.
    Keep plugging away a day at a time and we can say the same next year.

  13. Dave w says:

    Thank you Sheryl! My wife has texted with him.

  14. Mk21 says:

    Now, that the official holidays are over, I have the personal holidays coming. In the next 29 days, I’ll see my 25th wedding anniversary,, my husband turning 50, a sister turning 50 (5 days after him) my own birthday in between those two, and my son only 9 days later! I did all these sober last year, so all my first party sober fears are gone and I feel stronger!

  15. MK says:

    Today was a bigger holiday than Christmas or New Year’s, for me! When alcoholism is referred to as Irish Flu, and this day has been my second 17th sober, and complemented by many for staying sober! I am so grateful to all the comment I see at this site and to AA in my world!

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