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December, 2017

  1. Attitude of Gratitude

    December 5, 2017 by Kayce L.

    Gratitude, in recovery is essential. Without it we can easily get spiritually off track. I myself have let my gratitude slip behind my everyday life. I got complacent. Things in everyday life for me a recovering alcoholic/addict isn’t something I can do without my program, my meditations, my meetings and most of all my sponsor. I will have 8 years, January 9th and I have found myself without gratitude. I allowed myself to put my kids, my husband, and my job before my recovery without realizing it. So I sat down and wrote out a gratitude list, and after years in recovery I realize I am grateful for so many things, even more then in my first year of recovery. It helped me get things in prospective. I went to a meeting, read some meditations, talked to my sponsor and started putting the 12 steps in to my everyday life. Sometimes life gets busy and you can think you got this. If you ever realize that your spiritual fitness is slipping and your attitude of gratitude has been placed behind everything else in life, the hopelessness, loneliness, isolation, and anger can take over. Attend a meeting, talk to your sponsor, read and pray. Recovery is an amazing journey and keeping that attitude of gratitude is key to a healthy mind and soul.
    Any one wanna share any of their attitudes of gratitude? Please share.