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Attitude of Gratitude

December 5, 2017 by Kayce L.

Gratitude, in recovery is essential. Without it we can easily get spiritually off track. I myself have let my gratitude slip behind my everyday life. I got complacent. Things in everyday life for me a recovering alcoholic/addict isn’t something I can do without my program, my meditations, my meetings and most of all my sponsor. I will have 8 years, January 9th and I have found myself without gratitude. I allowed myself to put my kids, my husband, and my job before my recovery without realizing it. So I sat down and wrote out a gratitude list, and after years in recovery I realize I am grateful for so many things, even more then in my first year of recovery. It helped me get things in prospective. I went to a meeting, read some meditations, talked to my sponsor and started putting the 12 steps in to my everyday life. Sometimes life gets busy and you can think you got this. If you ever realize that your spiritual fitness is slipping and your attitude of gratitude has been placed behind everything else in life, the hopelessness, loneliness, isolation, and anger can take over. Attend a meeting, talk to your sponsor, read and pray. Recovery is an amazing journey and keeping that attitude of gratitude is key to a healthy mind and soul.
Any one wanna share any of their attitudes of gratitude? Please share.


  1. Jeanne says:

    When I pause to reflect on people for whom I am grateful for just because they are who they are, I can see how that list has grown. Slowly, very slowly my attitude of gratitude has changed from gratitude for people because of what I can get from them. Now I am more and more grateful for the people to whom I can give.

  2. Dave C says:

    I often say “My Life is Good even when I Don’t Think So”. Gods orchestration is amazing. My job came to an end just before Halloween, which is comman in my line of work this time of yr. it allowed wife and I to take a road trip, visit son and see some country. Just the last few days has been pretty amazing. Saturday spent the day with my 80 yr old dad, fishing big river that feeds into the SF Bay. The time together and catching fish was cool. Yesterday spent a few hrs with an AA member that needed ride for radiation treatment and a couple errands. Just this morning a meeting and breakfast with young man in the program that’s become a dear friend, who I’ve learned a lot from. Tonight I’ve been asked to share my experience strength and hope at a local fellowship. Tomorrow morning I have a medical procedure for a Hernia repair. I have an attitude of gratitude for all of this. Honestly I wasn’t really grateful about running all over the place yesterday, but my Perspective changed in the last 24 hrs. I would hope somebody would run me around if the roles were reversed. All of this is and much more is because of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous

  3. Dave w says:

    Thank you Kayce, life sometimes pulls in another direction. When I start getting sideways
    I try to stop and realize that if I wasn’t clean and sober even the shitty days would be worse.
    Always something to be grateful for if you open your eyes and heart and try to stop thinking of myself.
    Dave C helping others and connecting keeps me out of my own head.
    I still have a tendency to feel sorry for myself, when I get to help someone else it quiets the inner thoughts for a while.
    Just was grateful to get a 31 year chip from my home group. Best therapy is a small meeting (home group) that you can’t hide in the crowd.

  4. Janny says:

    Thank you Kayce for sharing. I am always so grateful that I am alcoholic. I look around at meetings and think “yes, I am home”these people understand me and have got my back. We have a unique opportunity to be part of a fellowship that allows us to be in remission from a terminal illness. You all have kept me sober and somewhat sane for many years. I thank all of you.

  5. Gayle R says:

    I am grateful in this moment for Kayce, both Dave’s, Jeanne & Janny! I needed to hear everything that was shared. I am grateful to be alive & able to open my heart to love. This recovery Life is real. When a sponsee told me she & other intelligent women are blogging & find the B.B. antiquated, I listened. I find the AM & PM prayers to be my greatest assets. I want to reach the the women to work with. Trust God, clean house, help others. My spiritual fitness is my job. My gratitude! I get to share my experience, strength & hope with others because I am sober first. Today. One Day at the time. Congrats on anniversaries!! Keep coming back & I will too! This is my greatest gratitude today. Thank-you all!!!

    • Thomas Cromer says:

      I’m so grateful to this program I love it god is our healer tomorrow I will be 6 years and 5 months on the 9 th life is awesome enjoy life everyone!!!!!!!

  6. Dave C says:

    ThanksKayce, pretty sore but on the mend. Congrats on the 31 Dave

  7. Eric V says:

    The attitude towards my gratitude is not something
    I tend to cherish as much as I should. Today I received a text message from a new friend in the program. I thought to my self its Sunday and all I want to do is relax. Then I felt compelled to answer the text message not with a reply, but with a call. Turns out we stayed in contact all day. He needed me to talk to just as much as I valued his words of encouragement. I am very grateful I decided to get out of self and be of service. Without wanting any type of reward out of the service I was giving everything I needed today. The fellowship has given so much to me and today I felt like a gave just a little back. Thank you AA!!

  8. Jerry says:

    So, after listening to this incredibly wise AA person for several years at meetings, he goes out one day and gets drunk, crashes into another car, leaves the scene, and then tries fighting the cop! I thought this guy had it figured out. He sounded like he understood AA better than anyone. I am greatful that I can be sober another day and take what he did and comfirm that alcohol is cunning, baffling and without help it is too much for me.

    • Jim K says:

      Today I have much more to be grateful for than 5 yrs. ago . I have so many friends today it is amazing ! All people who learned or are learning to trust God , keep our side of the street clean , and help others. I am also grateful to people like Jerry that share stories to remind me how important my sobriety is. I am very blessed today , without my sobriety I would have nothing,and I do not know if I would be in prison or dead ? I go to meetings 7 nights a week, have sponsees and talk to my sponsor on a regular basis.

  9. Bill McKiernan says:

    Christmas morning, I thank God for Christ, Dr Bob and Bill W.
    Without Christ there would be no 1st century Christianity therefore no Oxford Group and no AA
    I attended an Alcathon in Delray Beach this morning and a group of guys from the 5 time losers showed up. As I watched them all share it was as if the Pirates of the Caribbean had arrived but to hear them share about being grateful recovered alcoholics brought tears to my eyes for I too was once a pirate. But for the grace of God. Merry Christmas to all

  10. Janny says:

    Just checking in to say how fortunate we are to have each other…..we share an incredible bond. You are the family that I don’t even know but love with all my heart!!

  11. Bill McKiernan says:

    Gifts from a God given program

  12. Dave C says:

    Happy New Years to all ya’all

  13. Thomas Cromer says:


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