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August, 2018

  1. Sharing at meetings

    August 16, 2018 by Kayce L.

    Sharing at meeting use to be my favorite thing. As I live in a small town I have come to realize my home group takes what I share and harps on it for weeks as if I’m going fall off the wagon or worse. I use to feel as if this was my safe place. Lately I feel judgement and misunderstanding in my peers in this group. I took a little time off and return to retackle and I was uncomfortable. I’m realizing I need to attend different meetings near me and see what better suits me. I’ve known these people for almost 9 years in my sobriety and it use to be a safe place to share. Is this me over reacting or me judging them

    I will venture out and attend new meeting to see if my recovery can grow. Right now I feel stagnate in a circle of unhealthy recovery. Meditation has relieved me from most of my worries. Has anyone ever felt this way. Thanks

    God is good