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Alateen is for young people whose lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking. Sometimes, the active drinking has stopped, or the active drinker may not live with us anymore. Even though the alcohol may be gone, and the alcoholic gone or recovering in AA, we are still affected. Many of us have received help from Alateen or Al-Anon.

The following twenty questions are to help you decide whether or not Alateen is for you.

1. Do you believe no one could possibly understand how you feel?
2. Do you cover up your real feelings by pretending you don’t care?
3. Do you feel nobody really loves you or cares what happens to you?
4. Do you tell lies to cover up for some one else’s drinking or what’s happening in your home?
5. Do you stay out of the house as much as possible because you hate it there?
6. Are you afraid or embarrassed to bring your friends home?
7. Has someone’s drinking upset you?
8. Are holidays and gatherings spoiled because of drinking or others’ reactions to the drinking?
9. Are you afraid to speak up sometimes for fear it will set off a drinking bout or start another fight?
10. Do you think the drinker’s behavior is caused by you, other members of your family, friends, or rotten breaks in life?
11. Do you make threats such as, “If you don’t stop drinking and fighting, I’ll run away”?
12. Do you make promises about behavior, such as, “I’ll get better grades,” “go to church,” or “keep my room clean” in exchange for a promise that the drinking and fighting stop?
13. Do you feel that if your mom or dad loved you, she or he would stop drinking?
14. Do you ever threaten or actually hurt yourself to scare your parents into saying “I’m sorry,” or “I love you”?
15. Do you or your family have money problems because of someone else’s drinking?
16. Are mealtimes frequently stressful or delayed because of drinking or fighting?
17. Have you considered calling the police because of the abusive behavior in your home?
18. Have you refused dates because your date may find out about the drinking or fighting?
19. Do you think your problems would be solved if the drinking stopped?
20. Do you ever treat people (teachers, schoolmates, teammates, etc.) unjustly because you are angry at someone else for drinking too much?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, Alateen may be able to help you.

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  1. Steve says:

    I grew up in Alateen and hope this ap helps young people feel less alone. The love and acceptance in Alateen has helped so many….

    • Catherine says:

      My son has seen it all from me. I have one year sober but I see care-taking qualities popping out in him. Would this fellowship be helpful for him? Or would it scare him!

      • Alia Kristie says:

        Im an young adult child of an alcoholic addict and grew up in alateen; and around aa … my moms ben sober almost 20 yrs uet still attends her meetings… if u have a parent or family member thats an alcoholic/addict i promise it gets better! especially when u find others who are in similar situations so anyone who reads this; if ur thinking about checking out a meeting alateen etc – u should !! if ur scared, bring a friend and know that their are healthy waya to deal with unhealthy situations – u r not alone !

  2. Elaina says:

    This has helped me a lot I never thaught the kids would have the same feelings as me but I’m glad my famliy is in the right path.

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