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Humility in Sobriety 

November 26, 2016 by Kayce L.

Now that you are learning that it is safe to admit your powerlessness and unmanageability, do you find it easier just to be human? Being humble doesn’t mean being weak. It means accepting ourselves- our strengths as well as our weaknesses. Humility helps us be less defensive and be at peace at who we are.


  1. Dave w says:

    When I was a young man I thought nothing could stop me.
    Then I realized with the help of others that my life was actually unmanageable doing what I was doing. Alcoholism brought me to a realization that I was no better than anyone else. I had thought I was better than my big brother who was a junkie. Sobriety and life has taught me that no one is better than anyone. Rich or poor.
    Serving others has helped me tremendously wether it be at work or neighbors that are older. We are all just trying to get by.

  2. Jim K says:

    Well said Dave . I have learned so much about myself thanks to this program . Whenever I am helping anyone else I get outside of myself, that is a good thing . The best definition of being humble I have heard lately is to be teachable . I try to stay open minded , honest and wiling .

  3. Jordan says:

    It seems that honesty leads to humility. I don’t have to be the best or the worst anymore. I’m OK with being garden variety.

  4. Chloeb says:

    I try to remain humble because I know I could have less.. I remain grateful because I’ve had less.. I’m not any better than anyone else but I am ok with me and thankful for this chance at life.. a life second to none.. when I was drinking I hated myself and was very selfish and back , being kind and humble is gods will and it worked today so one day at a time I will keep being willing to do his will … I don’t want to go back to the hell I lived before..

  5. Gayle R says:

    Yes, admitting powerlessness & unmanagability does make it easier to be human. And I am less defensive & at peace. I stay very close to my God/HP, follow the guidance of the 12 steps & talk to my sponsor or trusted servants! AA is a way of life that helps me live fully & be safe. The AM & PM prayers give me everything. They help me to start & end my day with purpose. My life is in transition & keeping my focus on daily spiritual maintenance is key. One member ends the closing prayer by saying ‘STAY’. I love that. Keeping it simple today! I am more likely to be patient , tolerant , kind & loving if I do!!

  6. janice says:

    Being humble to me is not being afraid to say I have a lot of years of sobriety but some days I feel like I just walked through the door for the first time.

  7. Scott says:

    4 months today. Haven’t missed a single day of work, actually have accrued 5 days even. Haven’t been to the detox center since late July (been there 9 times in the last 3 years). Have no desire to drink, can’t really credit that to anything I’ve done, it just doesn’t take me to that same place I felt I needed to go, over and over. Thinking about checking out an NA meeting, sort of crave an opiate “buzz”‘ even dream about it on a regular basis. My mind tells myself pills don’t count as a relapse because I stay productive, never miss work, have a great attitude, lots of energy, even go to the gym. Problem is I run out, get depressed , then start drinking, hence detox 9 times. Have to keep reminding myself that’s where it leads to.

  8. Chloeb says:

    Thank you Janice I needed to hear that.. Scott congrats on the 4 months!! That’s awesome!! Sharing is good and definitely think the drink through… go to a meeting … make sure you have a sponsor and work the steps!! Each and every promise does come true one day at a time.. not wanting to feel is what we want because we are alcoholics.. it’s what we do.. god is good just like Thomas says! He has done for me what I could not do for myself.. thank you guys and gals

  9. janice says:

    Good going Thomas! Have a great Friday everyone. So glad you are all here to help me start the day off with a smile.feeling grateful!!

  10. Kathleen Cleveland says:

    Thank you all! This fellowship is just what I needed this lovely Sunday morning! I love my church but God has used AA to really open my eyes to the truth contained in the Good Book. I related to everything y’all shared. Have a blessed day

  11. Mike L. says:

    Glad that I can at least talk openly about my struggles with people and resentments. Just when I thought I put things behind they creep up again.

  12. Carolyn F. says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Scott and each of you.. They encourage me,as do my home group,sponsor,,alcohol counselor, family,and friends. Today I am 59 days sober from alcohol and grateful! After 40 years of non-smoking I picked up smoking while in rehab. My intention is that this will be time-limited, for I certainly don’t need to cross-addict. As I pray, I ask for yours as well.

  13. Carolyn F. says:

    Thanks so much for your prayers. So awesome to travel and attend meetings wherever I go. What a fellowship! Everyone have a sober and blessed day.
    Carolyn-Recovering alcoholic-sober 63 days…

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