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Awaken Reality 

December 26, 2016 by Kayce L.

Recovery awakens us from the nightmare of self-centeredness, strife, and insecurity that lies at the core of our disease. We wake up to a new reality: All that is worth having can be kept only by giving it away.


  1. Dave C says:

    My favorite Reality Story for the year. My young friend who will celebrate 4 yrs in March, went home to Mn last yr around Thanksgiving. One night went to a meeting, turned out to be a woman’s meeting. They invited him to stay, whereas he got a list of phone numbers from the women, which he passed on to his Mom. She used the numbers. 2 wks ago he returned to Mn and was able to give his Mom her 1 yr chip. You post ended to keep it give it away.

  2. janice says:

    12 years ago I spoke at a speaker meeting, 3 weeks later I was at an airport 1500 miles from home in tears waiting to fly home from my great baby nephews funeral. I had prayed to God to send me someone to talk to in my time of need. Prayers answered when I got a tap on my shoulder from someone who recognized me from the meeting 3 weeks prior. No coincidences. Because I shared I received.

  3. Chloeb says:

    Thanks Dave and Janice … great shares!! And way to go Thomas woohoo!!!

  4. Chloeb says:

    Yesterday I was having one of those self pity poor me kinda days.. I was at my sponsors house for three hours.. just pouring it all out. Then after I “finished” she told me how she had a rough day going through some of her deceased moms things. I apologized that I had been so selfish and never stopped to ask about her day. She just said to me it’s ok, that’s what we do and I got out of MYSELF and I feel better. Not a story of me giving back but how my sponsor did. It doesn’t matter how long we are sober I think sometimes life happens and she showed me .. once again.. how it works. I am very grateful for all of you and appreciate the shares!!

  5. Dave w says:

    To all: Your sharing has helped me by bringing a nice feeling to my tired head.
    Thank you. You are giving back by sharing.
    Congrats on 2000! Thomas keep it going.

  6. janice says:

    Today is my real birthday, the day I put down my last drink. Thank you all for the support of the fellowship. I couldn’t have done it without each and everyone of you. It’s been quite a journey. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 37 years and the promises have come true. Love you all.

  7. Gayle R says:

    January 6, our brother Blaise had 20 years sobriety. He picked up his chip in Sedona,AZ. He & Anne, also in recovery, live in Colorado. His 3 sisters were there also. Shortly after, 2 brothers, 2 nieces & 3 others gathered to celebrate! He gave tribute to our mom who broke the chain of disease in Oct. 1976. We are all miracles & showing up & paying attention to one another is a gift. This is a ‘we’ program & a way of living. Congratulations on 37 years Janice! Very inspiring! Thank-you to all who shared. Infinite Love & Gratitude for all ~Gayle

    • janice says:

      Nice to hear this great family story, I have a nephew with 3 years, one struggling and the rest of the family in denial. I never give up hope and just pray that my other loved ones will accept this wonderful gift. I’m very happy for your family Gayle.

      • Gayle R says:

        Thank-you Janice! Today, I see the legacy our parents gave us. Yes, we all suffer first from the agony of alcoholism! Then the ecstasy comes through Practices of AA & Al-anon. You’re a living example to those in denial. We all are! Every day we make a choice to stay sober. Keep it simple. Easy does it. The slogans, the BB, sponsorship, fellowship, service; every aspect of awakened reality! How free do we want to be?

      • Thomas Cromer says:

        Awesome Janice !!!!!!

    • Thomas Cromer says:

      Awesome gayle !!!!!!!

  8. Chloeb says:

    Thank you gayle!! My son has this disease and is also in denial.. I have other family members as well.. I’m grateful every day for another 24 hours because my parents died and never found the rooms. The steps have given me a life.. not every day is peaches but I don’t want to die like I used to. From surrendering to practicing 10-11 and 12 every day.. it’s all a miracle!! Love to all

  9. Suzanne says:

    Was just reading this last night in the BB. Chpr 2. If we don’t give it away we can teeter on life and death. No one understands me like you, and vice versa. It’s a blessing we have all found each other. If you give love, you will get what you need in return

  10. Chloeb says:

    No more topics? Where’s kayce?

  11. Chloeb says:

    Ok! Acceptance would be good…

  12. janice says:

    Good morning friends. Acceptance is always good. I have to work really hard sometimes to stay sane having suffered from anxiety and depression my whole life. I say the step 2 prayer every night and accept that this is part of me and why I drank. Thanks to recovery I’ve gotten lots better. It still stinks when it pops up but I know it will pass and I try not to get on the pity pot. Xo

  13. Chloeb says:

    Oh the old pity pot… funny I can tell sponsee she is having a pity party but it’s so hard to see it when I’m doing it!! But at least we have the tools to help remind us like the fellowship the bb or our sponsors.. everything is exactly like it’s supposed to be and nothing happens in gods world by mistake …

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