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Struggles in Recovery

September 12, 2018 by Kayce L.

In each of our lives we deal with struggles. Sometimes we can glide over these struggles with the tools we've acquired in AA/NA programs. Or, we can easily contact our sponsors. For some of the most difficult struggles I have found that I need to talk to my higher power. Grasp my spirituality. And relax. I'm so grateful today for the gift of sobriety and my toolbox that gets me through the struggles of day to day. Keep it simple

Please share how you deal with daily struggles in your recovery.

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  1. John T says:

    Life's a beach:) Sometimes it's a beautiful beach and others it's weather ravaged. Living Life on life's terms is easier today as you state now that we are equipped with and use our AA tools. Whatever comes my way though, I don't drink because I know today, that a drink makes everything worse eventually. I'm sitting on the other side of many this too shall passes and there's nothing wrong in the right here right now sober. Thank God and AA for a life to be lived today!

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