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Struggles in Recovery

September 12, 2018 by Kayce L.

In each of our lives we deal with struggles. Sometimes we can glide over these struggles with the tools we’ve acquired in AA/NA programs. Or, we can easily contact our sponsors. For some of the most difficult struggles I have found that I need to talk to my higher power. Grasp my spirituality. And relax. I’m so grateful today for the gift of sobriety and my toolbox that gets me through the struggles of day to day. Keep it simple

Please share how you deal with daily struggles in your recovery.


  1. John T says:

    Life’s a beach:) Sometimes it’s a beautiful beach and others it’s weather ravaged. Living Life on life’s terms is easier today as you state now that we are equipped with and use our AA tools. Whatever comes my way though, I don’t drink because I know today, that a drink makes everything worse eventually. I’m sitting on the other side of many this too shall passes and there’s nothing wrong in the right here right now sober. Thank God and AA for a life to be lived today!

    • Jerry says:

      Recovery is a part of my life today . To be very honest sometimes I get tired of people in meetings Our beautiful big book is my sharpest tool . I feel doing the ” deal ” is in the book. The fellowship has its flaws much as life itself . To believe that by being a member makes me a perfect person is not close to the truth . The book tells us we are people that normally would not mix !! The more time I spend in recovery I have learned to let things I don’t agree with not to phase me . Sobriety at its finest is when we can not over react over things we don’t like . We go into every meeting with a open mind and know that meetings don’t fail us , we always get our medice if our ears are open and we don’t judge others. If I go to meeting with a negative attitude chances are I won’t get much out of it. Life on life’s turns is a fact of like as old as man itself . We really have to understand the less we over react the better the outcome

    • Berenice DiPaolo says:

      Thanks for sharing that cuz that gives me hope to move forward .

  2. Laurie says:

    Sobriety gave me what alcohol promised me

  3. Jim K says:

    Conversations before and after meetings, talking to my sponsor or other friends in the program. The twelve step always have the answer. It is getting to be part of my life to ask God for help. Although sometimes I choose to keep to myself. Progress not perfection, thanks for the topic Kayce. Blessed to have these tools

  4. Gayle says:

    Reading the am prayer every morning helps me. I need to pray all day long, asking my God to go before me. Remember & Remind myself Today. I have a daily reprieve based on my spiritual fitness. So pages 86-88 in the BB are my tools to stay in the present moment. Be gentle with myself & others, Be clear & focused today. Let go & be open. Letting go & turning my struggles over to my Higher Power help me to be free & loving.

  5. Silvia says:

    I love what you said Laurie- ‘Sobriety gave me what alcohol promised’ – very true-
    Laying down the food and focusing on my program and Big Book study make a huge difference in my life. I can trust that my HP is in charge and allow myself to go on the ride of Recovery. Such a pleasant journey and an opportunity to enjoy the gifts of a life well lived.

  6. Jerry says:

    Well I want to drink !! , I’m almost 8 years sober and don’t know what I’m going to do My wife of 29 years wants a divorce.They say in the rooms we need to get sober for ourselves , not for someone else . I have to admit I came in to save a marriage but after about a year I realized I stayed for myself . I feel sick to my stomach to think about gettihg divorced . They say conditions didn’t drive us to drink but the one thing that always worked to not feel pain was Booz . I’m 61 years old and feel scared to death to think about life without my wife . I will ask god to help and I ask the people of this blog to pray for me.

    • Gayle says:

      Thanks for your honesty Jerry. That’s rough. I did the same thing after 46 years of marriage. It was scary but we both made it through. Sadly Mick died in June. His drinking did continue. Death. Institutions. Jail. I stuck with recovery and life continues to get better. Give us an update. I am praying for you. Stay. God and AA have got you.

    • Get some help from a counselor. That’s what I did and at some point my wife did too then we saw a counselor together. Kept us together and got through the rough times we had

  7. Brady A says:

    I will pray for you Jerry.

  8. David says:

    As per Kayce, self love is vital. These times of challenge are a test of all our resolve and trust in God. God will do for us all what we cannot do for ourselves. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!

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