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October 6, 2018 by Kayce L.

Self-Love makes it possible for us to hold our heads up. Strengthen and improving our mental and physical health, as well as increasing our confidence and self-esteem. Without self-love we can easily get in a bad space within ourselves. Even allowing someone to destroy that self-love can be a dangerous place to be in our heads.

Keep living ones self. Attend meeting and pray.


  1. James McKenzie says:

    Kayce, I think self-love is a great topic. So many of us seek alcohol or drugs to escape from the low self-esteem that plagues is. How did we lose our self-esteem? Do we have a genetic predisposition for a low opinion of ourselves? Did it happen during our early childhood as a result of an alcoholic parent, or rejection by a parent? Our low self-esteem is probably a combination of all these factors.

    When we come to the program, we learn that there is an all-loving higher power who loves us with a constant love without conditions. We did not earn God’s love ; it is a pure gift. We learn that this higher power or God does not judge us by our mistakes, but is willing to patiently lead us to become all he created us to be, if we are willing to surrender to our will and allow Him to guide us and direct our steps one day at a time.

    Gradually we learn to love ourselves as our addiction loses its power over us. We become convinced that if God loves us just as we are, then who are we to disagree with Him. Make time to listen to that quiet voice that whispers: I love you. Jim M

    • Kayce L. says:

      James. I agree. All you said is what I needed to hear I recently had knee surgery and the post operation depression and self confidence has crossed my path. Thanks to my program and higher power I’m working my way out of that. Love ya love the program

    • DeeDee says:

      This is Beautiful! It really blessed me. Iam working on self love
      And confidence as well as getting back my abstinence.
      God Bless You

  2. Silvia c says:

    Last night I had planned to go to a dance class when my boyfriend announced he was on his way with a friend. No notice given. I changed plans but felt resentful. I realized this wasn’t healthy and resentment would set me up for relapse so I decided to practice self love and keep my original plans. Asked boyfriend to make themselves at home and I would join them after class. It was such a great feeling. Thanks for the reminders to it our recovery always at the top of the list.

    • Suzanne’ says:

      Good for you. I also suffer from a low self esteem and it’s imperative to honor our own plans and stay true to ourselves. It’s an important thing to maintain our boundaries. Another option could’ve been to tell him you sleazy had plans and to suggest another day- it depends on how comfortable you are with people being over while you’re out. I wouldn’t be.

  3. Beth S says:

    I loved myself quite enough-Thank you. Now I must love God and His kids. Only then will I love myself.

  4. Sam says:

    I have two years now. When I was released from active addiction I was also set free from an abusive marriage. Self love has been difficult because I allowed him to take so much of my spirit away. Time heals all wounds.

  5. Jamie says:

    Thank you all for sharing your experience, hope, and strength . I have just finished some
    6&7 step work. I too have a low self edteem, very anxious ( fear) and lack humility and acceptance.
    Some character defects that came out this time showed me Ibwas not fully surrendered to my Higher Power and still relying on self reliance. Things brings Critical thinking and Judgemental thoughts comcerning others which in turn I beat myself up in my mind and then I treat others poorly.
    The name of the game for me is Trust God to takevaway these defects of character to lighten up, take it easy , cut myself some slack and know Hes got me right where He wants me. HebLoves me. He is for me. Fit myself to be of maximum service to Him and others.

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