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Playing the Blame Game 

September 25, 2017 by Kayce L.

It is easy to blame our problems on others. We probably are feeling hurt and frustrated.We need to acknowledge our own feelings. We feel the anger, then we let go of the feelings and find peace within ourselves. We call it acceptance.
We decide that although we'd like our situation to be different, maybe our life is happening this way for a reason. Maybe there is higher purpose and plan in play, one that's better than we could have orchestrated. We call this faith.
Then we decide what we need to do, what is within our power to do to take care of ourselves. That's called recovery.
It's easy to point our finger at another, but it's more rewarding to gently point it at ourselves.


  1. Gayle R says:

    Good One Kacey...thank-you!
    I was working through a situation
    this morning & that is the process!
    Blessed Be! Gayle

  2. Rose M. says:

    Faith, Hope, and Love. this is wonderful, thank you Kayce L.! without God I would be dead for sure, self reliance got me in the gutter...God and aa meetings keep me honest with myself, accountable, and full of hope...and make me a much better human to be around.

  3. Marvin Buente says:

    I have a sigh on my mirror that says, ‘’ You’re looking at the problem “ How true that is

  4. Jim K says:

    I love the part that says make the decision too and do what is within our power to do . This is a spiritually based program of action . I also am blessed to be in an area with many meeting every night of the week , 7 meetings a week (give or take) gives me the opportunity to get grounded and also talk with many newcomers . Working with other alcoholics is how Bill W , Dr Bob and many others stayed sober .

  5. Fred N. says:

    Thanks a million for this thought. Just read it ‘tis morning and is exactly what I needed to hear at this moment. Great nugget for Thanksgiving.

  6. Alan Liston says:

    At 15 years I'm still grateful for those who keep the doors open and pass this miracle on....

  7. Jeanne says:

    This reading is exactly what I needed today. AA is my solution today. When I focus on the perceived source of my problems then my sobriety suffers. This reading reminds me to stay in the solution, clean house and trust in a higher power.

  8. Mitch says:

    I find myself wanting to blame others when things get tough but the truth is I’m the only one that can change myself or the situation I am in. I only have control of my actions. In my drinking it was the same way. Always blaming others. I’ve learned thru the program that if I’m feeling selfish if I reach out to another alcoholic it helps. I feel that’s why it is important to have lots of numbers and a spinner.

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