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Emotional Balance 

September 4, 2017 by Kayce L.

Emotional balance comes with practice in prayer and meditation. We get quiet and share our thoughts and hopes and concerns with the God of our understanding. Then we listen for guidance, awaiting the power to act on that direction.


  1. Gayle R says:

    Yes…we listen & wait…the next right thing to do will come! Emotional balance is everything! Labor Day weekend is difficult!
    33 years ago we had a family tragedy. Life has never been the same. Living One Day At A Time. Staying Sober. Seeking God first before I act; are key in maintaining emotional balance. Help me/us to pause before speaking or acting today! Thank-you God/Higher Power! Smile. Breathe and go Slowly.
    Peace Be With You.Gayle

    • Thomas Cromer says:

      Gayle u are amazing I mean that!!!!!

    • Sondos says:

      Good for you, l applod you for that , it’s still very difficult and unmanageable for me. Thanks for this book it gives me the opportunity to have a conversation with The Fellowship. God and perhaps I can listen lovingly and hear. The funny thing is that l had purchased this smart read book but never used it and was actually disappointed because l wanted the full Blue book of AA not this one. However my iPhone went out and had to replace it, they suggested that l set it without using the restore so l ended up an empty phone having to dig up and reinstall all my books, apps etc. so l am looking for my Blue book and l did it again!!! But this time l was desperate as l missed my meeting and my brain was beating me up with endless negativity guilt, shame etc. l wanted to connect and meditate with God but been having a hard time for EGO reasons and l don’t want to Elemiminate God Out
      I want Him back more than ever … l just don’t know how because in searching for Him l was introduced to so many Gods and peoples of God and ways and phrases to repeat in order to pray to GOD AND NOW I AM SO confused Hoping My True God of my Emotional Soul and Heart, Brain and Body fully rest in without Fear or Hasitation, l want to be in the deepest Kowing without hesitation nor outside teaching questioning, contiplation. I want to stand sold and tall with my God who will Love, provide for me, protect me from myself my own demons thoughts trying to confuse me letting me spin out of control with thoughts, feelings and actions which are usually very distributing and Destructive … God I know you can hear the calling of my every single part of me emotional self, thinking self, and physical self … Beloved God, my heart soul mind and body starving self in desperate need of help and comfort. God help me fully surrender and rest in You, on You, through You, With You, please just save me from myself from me and only me. I will be forever grateful serving you through You Loving Grace Jesus Christ l want Your Own God of Knowing you are the Son of God or God Himself. This is the last weeks of Lent Easter is this Sunday, but then l found out that my father who’s Christian orthodox celebrate Easter the following Sunday, well I am hoping that you will help to never return to my games and not just for lent because they have become another addition. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I Love you Heavely Father with my entirety.
      Thank you beloved AA friend for being here allowing me to share myself and countless blessings to us all. Amen

  2. Jim K says:

    Yes ! My friend and I were talking about the 6th and 7th step and today I think of it as pause , then ask God for help . We always have to remember He is here .

  3. Jim K says:

    Yep . 1905 days sober! I found this site early in recovery and revisit when I miss a meeting or just want to read some good stuff . Thanks Kayce , Thomas and everyone here.

  4. Mike L. says:

    Life’s worst problem sober does not even compare to the best day drinking!

  5. Ron B says:

    I learned, forgot, learned, forgot and just learned again that waiting for a thank you, or an amend I believe is due me is just one more form of self pity, my ego rebuilding again. Letting go and not grabbing it back again is the best chance I have of God removing my defects. Self pity is a big one for me.

  6. Judah says:

    Had a most interesting Second Step meeting in Jerusalem AA last night!So many different opinions on Judging others !My Motto has been “He Who Judges Dosent Matter,He Who Matters Dosent Judge”

  7. Jerry says:

    I’m in here because I’m not all there!

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