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First Things First

July 30, 2017 by Kayce L.

“First Things First” for me this means keeping my sobriety first. I have to always remember that I cannot drink. Through all of my life’s ups and downs, my relationships, my fears and my anger. I have to keep one eye on my sobriety at all times. That has to be my most important thing because without it nothing else will change.


  1. wilson b. says:

    I check in with ya’ll. Im up in tulsa ok.
    I may not comment but i do touch base for
    the experience stength and hope you share.
    I am grateful to pause here especially
    when i need to remind myself.
    This is bottom line, through this fellowship
    I am able to respond to life in a better way.
    My first sponsor, may he rest in peace, would greet
    me this way; ” hey leon i would say and he would reply
    Im not drunk and im not in jail aint it beautiful!”
    I miss hearing that from him but it is in my
    heart and grounds me into thinking first
    things first. Anyone who has been detained
    or seen the drunk tank personally i hope
    can relate. This helps me understand as long as i don’t
    Drink one day at a time one moment at a time
    things work out as they are supposed to.
    Sorry so long winded.
    Peace be with ya’ll!!✌️

  2. Gayle R says:

    Yes!! First Things First!! This slogan helps me keep perspective no matter what is going on! At a free concert in the park last night, my sober brother Blaise(20 years & 6 months) sat behind a drinking group!! It lead to some clear understanding of what it could be like & what it is like now!! I love being a sober woman; living a sober life; hanging with sober people!! We had a great time!
    Beatles vs. Stones, live musicians show! Fun & Freeing!

  3. Lucy C says:

    My sobriety is my number one priority ‼️with God‼️ ya’ll are all nice, and you help but God is who keep me sober today

  4. Jerry says:

    Let’s keep it simple . First things first needs us to apply simple common sense !

  5. Jerry says:

    I was at meeting Today .The reminder that ” no matter what ” .. We don’t have to pick up ever again !!

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