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Surrendering to alcoholism 

June 2, 2016 by Kayce L.

Surrendering to any kind of addiction is a tough job and it takes a huge willingness and desire to come clean and sober. Without the desire and willingness to be sober the chances are slim to none that you will see sobriety in the near future. Although, if you have that desire and you want to live a fresh and sober life then you are going to make it and surrendering to your addiction will be much better to deal with because you have it in your mind and heart that you want to change and live a clean and sober life.


  1. Gayle R says:

    I did want to change and live a sober life. I also believed my husband of 33 years of marriage would join me. Why wouldn’t I? My dad entered Ala-non when my mom got sober. He was a very hesvy drinker too but to be alcoholic was not acceptable. He did stop drinking too. My sister-in-law was given an ultimatum by my brother when he quit. We loved getting high with them. I was 6 years sober & they both helped me realize I was the miracle. At 12 years sober, I realized I wanted another change. To move & leave my marriage. I/we began the process of conscious uncoupling. We divorced 9 months later. We continue live in home until house sells. I did lose what I had & not get what I wanted. And I am sober. Surrender is how I get to live a clean & sober life. Surrender keeps me sober. Living the dilemma of the alcoholic marriage no longer serves me. Letting go of my character defects & letting God fill me with new love, courage & peace is my life;one day at a time.

  2. Dave w says:

    Surendered 10,831 days ago.
    I am great full for each day I wake up. Not everyday is great.
    Some days the shit fairy still visits me. But I won’t drink over it.
    That would only make things worse.
    If I had not surrendered to win I would be dead by now.
    Try and stay connected. It will help the good days out number the bad.

  3. Andrew G says:

    I disagree. Desire and willingness aren’t enough. I’ve had a lot of that. Nothing has happened for several years. Despite working steps multiple times. I’m just waiting to die now, hopefully my disease will kill me off so I can stop being such a nuisance and lame-o for others.

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