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Recovery offers Freedom

May 19, 2016 by Kayce L.

Living in the moment offers us freedom. Life is happening in the here and now. The past is gone and the future has yet to arrive; our worrying won’t change any of it. We can enjoy our recovery, this very minute. One day at a time


  1. Chloeb says:

    I needed to hear that.. Read that thank you …I’m grateful for your posts here..

  2. janice says:

    When I get crazy staring into the past or freaking out over the future I remember that at this very moment everything is just fine. Not easy but it gives me a moment of peace to regroup with my H.P.

  3. Dave C says:

    God always works things in his own time, not mine. Today’s my 39th anniversary. So Happy Anniversary Thomas

  4. Shane says:

    As I’ve stated on here before . Last year I freaked out . It was the combination of how much I ruin the past and how scared I was that my future might too be a flop. I am slowly starting to not think much of the past and not worry about the future. I owe all I have to God ( 2yrs 5mo sober) praise God

  5. Chloeb says:

    Congrats Shane awesome!!! And agreed, we are an AA family that we all have and we get it!! Happy anniversary gentlemen!! Life today is good and I will take that!! Before I was miserable and didn’t know what happiness was but I thought I found it in a bottle.. I’m so glad I’m now freed from the bondage of alcohol!! Great day to be sober!! Thanks you guys for being here!!

  6. JC says:

    Recovery completely changed when I went from going to AA meetings because I felt I had to, to going to meetings because I felt I wanted to. This change came about because I asked a man from the meeting to be my sponsor and he said yes, but only if I would take his suggestions. I agreed because I didn’t want to ever drink or use drugs again. He insisted that I attend the group business meetings and volunteer to be a greeter and coffee maker at the meetings. Before long, as a result of following my sponsors suggestions, I made a lot of new friends and they began calling me by name when I shook their hand or hugged them at the front door of the meeting place. I began to enjoy the connection with people and the good feeling I got inside from serving others. One day, out of the blue it hit me that I was rushing from work to get to the meeting way-way early and as I thought about it, I realized that somehow I was going because I wanted to! My sponsor told me he has seen it in my eyes long before I realized it myself. That was 15 years ago and today my life is full of AA friends, meetings, sponsees, recovery fellowship events, picnics, parties and more. I met my wife of 11 years through AA and this whole recovery world is better than anything I could ever have imagined my life would look like. I highly recommend asking to be a greeter!

  7. Megan says:

    It’s hard not to worry about the future (especially when court is involved) but it’s true. No amount of worrying will change anything and I need to be happy with where I am right now. My one month sober day is on the 17th. Seems a lot longer, lol.

  8. Mrbillmack says:

    My Higher Power and my disease cannot exist in the same place at the same time therefore when I stay in the moment which is where God is I am always safe and protected

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