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Step 12 Carrying the Message

April 20, 2016 by Kayce L.

Step 12, says that having a spiritual awakening,we try to carry this message to others. Some ask how do we carry the message? It is a message of hope, love and comfort. Inviting someone to go to a meeting is a powerful way to carry the message. Allowing our Higher Power to guide our actions by sharing how recovery has worked in our our lives also is a powerful way to carry the message. The most powerful form of helping others comes down to helping ourselves. We cannot change others, but when we change ourselves, we may end up changing the world.


  1. Dave says:

    Thank you for these wise words. I’m struggling with the temptation to change other people, which is usually a good sign that there is more I need to see, surrender and change in me.

  2. Dave w says:

    I get frustrated with my son who has briefly tried sobriety.
    Have taken him to meetings 3 rehabs, etc.
    t know our group is based on attraction not promotion.
    Just hard to watch a loved one keep struggling. Tonight I told him the same thing that worked for my little brother. When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired give our group a try.
    He told me sobriety makes him sick and tired.
    I am trying to let it go and let God guide it. I can’t.

  3. Dave w says:

    Thank you Thomas! Nice to be able to share feelings here on this site.
    I appreciate prayers also, we all lean on each other brother!

  4. Tim says:

    My most longtime friend sent me a picture the other day of his family on a lake with thier new boat. All were smiling and having an obviously great day together. They all were holding beers and it looked so inviting. This is my friend I first drank with and forever we were dubbed best friends. We are in our 50s now and since I sobered up have not visited him. I believe he isn’t alcoholic. I believe I am.. I envy his life of continued drinking and revelry.

  5. Bev says:

    People and their lives always look better than our own. Give yourself some time in the program, with your sponser and I know from experience that their lives are just an illusion! Someday, when you two are together again, he will tell you that he would have changed places with you at that very moment!! He has no knowledge and no tools to change his life. He doesn’t even know that the change he so desparently wants is an inside job. Poor guy!

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