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Sharing Honestly 

April 23, 2016 by Kayce L.

Attending meetings, hearing fellow addicts/alcoholics share their stories, and discovering that others feel the same way we feel helps with acceptance and honesty. When others share honestly with us who they are, we feel free to do the same. As we learn to tell others the truth about ourselves, we learn to accept ourselves.
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  1. janice says:

    Our history is our greatest asset for helping others, I always try to remember that when I’m feeling anxious and fearful about sharing in front of a group.

  2. Chloeb says:

    Congrats Scott that’s such a great accomplishment!!

  3. Chloeb says:

    Congrats Scott that’s such a great accomplishment!!

  4. Chloeb says:

    Glad you’re back and remember one day at a time. For me sometimes it was one minute at a time.. Some people don’t get a next chance so don’t beat yourself up just move forward 🙂 don’t take that first drink and you won’t get drunk .. Proud of you for getting back

  5. Barbara says:

    It’s my first day back Scott. I’m with you, not a lot of negative consequences but such a poor example for my children. Hate the back and forth, need to settle into sobriety for good.

    • Thomas Cromer says:

      It’s ok Barbara u can do it just pray then your peace will come !!!!!

    • Scott says:

      I know, Barbera, didn’t even enjoy it, but still couldn’t or wouldn’t stop. Luckily I ran out of money.

      • Barbara says:

        Well I didn’t run out of money but happened to be at the Kentucky Derby and saw so many people behaving badly due to alcohan that I couldn’t stand it and actually stopped drinking myself. God is changing me. In the past I would not have wanted the party to end. Hope for continuing growth.

  6. Chloeb says:

    Scott and Barbara one day at a time! This program really does work if you work it.. How awesome that you got to go to the Kentucky derby!! I’ve learned that it’s not what money we have or don’t have or how we get that drink it’s only a symptom.. For me having found me (still a work in progress) is what matters.. This disease can get anyone: old, young, rich, poor.. If you’ve got it.. You’ve got it.. I have it!! Today.. I don’t have to take a drink no matter what.. I’ve learned how to face life on life’s terms and I keep learning more everyday.. Don’t beat yourselves up because we have all been there!! One day for me – 24 hours – was a miracle in itself … It works if you work it and life’s worth it!!

  7. Deanna says:

    Just went back to my first meeting again in months! I relapsed last October 2015 i had 14 months smh! I wish I could have stayed strong my life has hit rock bottom now and alcohol is not helping at all! I have never been so depressed I almost admitted myself twice because I just know I needed extra help but I decided to go get my chip yesterday and go to a meeting at 12 after I saw my psychiatrist and therapist and boy did I feel amazing walking out of there! I have surely missed AA and I am admitting I am powerless over over alcohol and my life has become unmanageable. So tomday I will go back to that 12 o clock meeting and see how I feel. I finally have a sponsor so that’s pretty awesome! So thanks for letting me share. I have to stop thinking bout the past and look towards the future…..when I dwell on the past it kills me!!!!!! Thanks for letting me share!

  8. Dave w says:

    As we often say ” we don’t shoot our wounded”. Just get back to meetings.
    Slips or relapses happen . Just start over face it get honest about it at a meeting. Put one foot in front of the other.
    Another saying borrowed from the navy seals” the only easy day was yesterday”.
    Reach out for help. I will pray for you.

  9. Brian says:

    Hit my 90 day mark today, enjoying my sober life

  10. Mrbillmack says:

    AA does one thing it sobers up Alcoholics nowhere in the book does it refer to addict/alcoholic. This is a phrase dreamed up by rehabs to keep their beds full. If you don’t have the common problem alcoholism you cant possibly get the solution. Having one foot in addiction and one foot in AA cuts your focus in half and in AA half measures avail you nothing Bill

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