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Learning and Recovery

February 5, 2016 by Kayce L.

We need to do everything possible to succeed at our new way of life. We need to appreciate all we have to be grateful for. The 12 step program teaches us we have unlimited resources. The more we live by the steps the more we grow spiritually. We learn to make it through the difficult and painful feelings using what we have learned in our program of recovery.


  1. Thomas Cromer says:

    Today I am 4 years and 7 months there is a powerful God and I feel great!!!!!

  2. Brad says:

    Each dayprovides a new challenge and the steps
    Give the tools I need to face them and god gives me
    The strength to grow

  3. Ron R says:

    My sponsor about “the code”
    I need to find where in the big book it talks about that

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