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January 15, 2016 by Kayce L.

During our addiction/alcoholism we lose our self-esteem along the way. Deep inside we begin to feel worthless and alone. As we begin our journey into recovery we recognize the characteristics of low self-esteem. The 12 steps teaches us tools for reclaiming ourselves and building self worth. It begins with acceptance of our disease. The fellowship of 12 step meetings shows us people care about us, and teaches us to care about ourselves. Working the steps we can become individuals again and our self-esteem slowly restores.


  1. Shane says:

    I never lacked self esteem when I was drinking.After I was sober for a year I was forced to look at all the mistakes.This has caused me to be insecure and hate my self for some of them.It doesn’t help when most people I came in contact with just put me down.I know it’s my bed and I made it so I will sleep in it.Only GOD can judge me and only GOD knows what my future holds.I keep on .

  2. Chloeb says:

    If we want self esteem we have to do esteemable ( is that a word) things

  3. Dave w says:

    I can be proud of my sobriety now. So my self esteem has to be coupled with a good dose of humility.
    Without humility my thought is that it would be hard to stay sober.
    Some people judge us because they do not understand that it is a disease.
    Be strong and in the words of joe dirt keep on keepin on!

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