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Being Honest in Recovery

January 25, 2016 by Kayce L.

Being honest gives us inner peace. When we are in our active addition we find it impossible to lead honest lives. We always make up stories and excuses always scrambling to cover up our addictive behavior. As we are able, one day at a time we strive for rigorous honesty, we will find much of our feelings of fear and anxiety will disappear as we work a program of recovery


  1. Chloeb says:

    How very true that is.. I have moved to a new place and been going to different meetings. Tonight I shared some of my story with a group of people I’d barely met. But they are just like me and they get me.. It felt like relief kind of to be able to be so honest and let a newcomer know that I trust them all with my story and there is hope… That’s what this is all about experience strength and hope…

  2. Gustavo.C says:

    I’m beginning my third year in recovery.
    Honesty? …… It’s a work in progress, slowly but surely in this new way of life.

  3. Tom C. Orlando says:

    I’m celebrating 12,013 days today ! Not bragging , just showing
    that the program keeps working and working , a day at a time !
    Sober by the Grace of God , and the fellowship !!

  4. Tim says:

    I had to stop attending meetings with a friend of mine. He was sober but always looking to pick up women. I can’t be around that. The one aspect of AA that I frown upon is this ” looking to hookup” stuff.

  5. Tim says:

    Honesty was not my strong suit in life. If I’m going to pick up women then I might as well go to the bar, get drunk, and do it right. No! Honesty tells me to not get into that.

  6. Andy A says:

    Good for you Tim to recognize that not only alcohol, but poor behavior is something none of us should choose to be associated with. Takes courage and honesty for you to recognize and realize that, but most importantly, act on it. You are a great example for us all. Well done Sir!

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