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Spiritual Awakening

December 17, 2015 by Kayce L.

I myself had been brought up to believe in God, but I know that until I found the AA program, I had never found or known faith in the reality of God, the reality of his power that is now with me in everything I do today. Spiritual awakening shows the personality change among us in many different forms.


  1. Thomas Cromer says:

    Mine was on July 9th of 2011 on a Saturday first day of rehab I found God he changed me forever because I am 4 years and 5 months I’m on day 1622 I love God and life is awesome. Now I want to give back and help anyone u will let me.!!!!!!!!

    • Drewe says:


      I was brought to my knees or so I thought. God knew he had blessed
      Me with some wonderful gifts but I was merely his vehicle.
      I was writing his vehicle off daily… Through lies, deceit, insecurity, fear
      I chased to fill my “self” that I had lost.
      So he took the money, the job and the family…. But he left me 1:1 with him.
      Sleeping on the back seat of my car.
      I was awakened from my spiritual bankruptcy.
      No longer did I need to hide behind drink, money, women.. Trying to draw power
      From all these temporary solutions to mask the complete lack of worth in my soul.
      Thankyou god. The master planner. Thankyou for the excruciating pain,
      The heart wrenching experiences. The misery. I found you . I love you.
      God …. BLESS YOU….

  2. Scott says:

    Somebody post something!!

  3. Chloeb says:

    I have a spiritual awaking almost every day. I get up everyday and thank my higher power for another day sober and ask for help to do the next right thing. My life has completely turned around. My husband and I are reasonably happy we have retired sold our house and moving out of state for a new beginning at life. I could not have done any of this as I loved every day to drink I would work sleep and get drunk.. I covered up feelings everyday of my life that I could .. I didn’t want to live but did not have the courage to kill myself.. When I found the rooms if aa my life has been awesome.. I have a purpose and a will to live each and every day.. Little things that happen aren’t just ironic or lucky it’s my higher power I call God working in my life. Helping others with out expecting something in return is a spiritual awaking to me. Finding a way to get my finances straight and loving myself and other people unconditionally that’s the work of a higher power. I could not stop drinking alone.. Now I don’t even think about it.. I know I cannot drink successfully therefore I can’t drink.. Stick around!! Promises do come true

  4. Shane says:

    Merry Christmas to all A.A.Its hard to say exactly when my spiritual awakening was.Like Chloeb I seek a new one every day.I feel when your life seems all screwy it’s best to seek.The answers are within,we just have to be prepared for them even if it isn’t what we want.

  5. Jim says:

    Ultimately Man let me down, God never will.
    Happy New Year

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