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Making Amends 

November 25, 2015 by Kayce L.

Making Amends can some times be hard. Mostly due to fear.Post some of your Making Amends stories, and/or any fears you may have do so.  


  1. Shane says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.I hope there is much to be thankful for.God Bless

  2. Shane says:

    My biggest fear is relapse.

  3. Matt V says:

    I’m working my 9th step amends right now and I’ve only done 1 amends so far…I guess I’m most fearful to continue because of not wording the amends right and also since I’m only about 100 days sober will the people even care what I have to say to them.

  4. Glenn says:

    Wow nothing like holidays to see how depression can consume ones thoughts

  5. Chloeb says:

    Shane, I too sometimes catch myself in fear of relapse… When my head starts that crap.. I call another alcoholic or go to a meeting and definitely tell my sponsor… Remember this is a we journey and you are not alone in any of it!! Talk to someone that just came back because usually they tell me it was far worse the last time..just take it one day at a time and for today if you don’t use thank your higher power.. Tomorrow will be a new day!! Then do it again!! Work the steps and your fears will slowly fade!! I promise

  6. Shane says:

    Chloeb,Thanks i will take your advice and pray for yours and mine journeys to be as smooth as GOD will have them be.

  7. rose says:

    thank you God for AA, the fellowship, and the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. this is what I am grateful for today 6,210 consecutive days without a mind or mood altering substance…that for me means without a drink, a pill, or a joint. I have overcome much in this fellowship. stage 3 breast cancer, moving to Oklahoma from Massachusetts, marriage, cancer again, divorce, losing my biological father, and then my adoptive father within six months of each other, and here I am. still sober after all these years. yes there have been moments of fear, hurt, doubt, and insecurity. I have learned in this program that feelings, and thoughts do not have to rule my life. I get on my knees and ask the God of my understanding to help me get through what ever life hands me, and He does. He always has. He has never failed me. the moments of joy, a genuine affection for my God, and my fellow man far outweigh that which can be a negative experience. I love living sober today.

  8. Shane says:

    Making amends is hard.Who exactly,for what exactly,How far back exactly? Myself and my higher power are all that counts in the end .If I wronged some one and haven’t apologized.Isn’tit truly up to them if they forgive me.If so than myself is who.If I don’t remember what I did or that person has left this life .Then myself should forgive myself.If it was so long ago I don’t remember and I have forgotten why won’t I forgive myself.To my GOD I give any of these.As I said very complicated.✌love all,forgive all,and believe

  9. Tim says:

    If you hold a resentment toward someone but have played little if no part in the situation do you still make amends even if there is nothing to amend on my part? Need some advice, my sponsor knows the situation and said you don’t have to make amends if I did nothing

  10. Shane says:

    I have found the more I seek my higher power the more I apologize for.The more I forgive those around me the easier it is for me to maintain my problem I have is forgetting.I can forgive.Then the same person or people do the same thing that angered me in the first place.Next thing I know (whammy)there I am angry.For what? Nothing gets accomplished through it all.Any way Love all,forgive all,and believe.Truly no one but me can make me Angry.

  11. Chloeb says:

    We clean up our side of the fence… I made amends to my parents by going to visit their graves in the mountains.. They were both alcoholics and now I know they did the best they could.. I took a look at MY part in everything and regardless of what the other person thought wasn’t the issue it was me doing what I needed to do to stay sober.. It worked for bill w and dr bob so I did what they did and said and my life is second to none… Love you all!!!

  12. Shane says:

    Yeah ,Chloeb you are a inspiration to us all.Glory too GOD

  13. Mike B says:

    The other day I saw an old client of mine. He was one of the first people I made amends to. We talked for awhile. I hadn’t seen him since that amends. I told him I was still sober. It’s been 29 years. What a wonderful feeling to stay I was still sober. He was very happy for me. AA works.

  14. Mike C says:

    I hope everyone has a safe, sober, Christmas.

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