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Tolerance in Recovery

November 10, 2015 by Kayce L.

Tolerance of others can sometimes set us back. The program has taught me to Let Go and Let God. Focus on my recovery and my own attitudes and behaviors. Accepting everyone’s opinion is different helps me over look the ignorance of others.I am so grateful for my sobriety today. One Day at a Time.


  1. Bruce says:

    So many people have had patience for me throughout the years. The least I can do grant the same for other. Most of all patience is the grace of my God.

    • Shane says:

      Amen Bruce if it wasn’t for others being tolerant .I might never have gotten sober.I need to learn to be more tolerant of others.I owe it to GOD and myself.

  2. Jorge says:

    All I know today is I’m not drinking and I have peace in my life, A A really works if you worked Amen

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