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November 14, 2015 by Kayce L.

Where there has been wrong, the program teaches us the spirit of forgiveness. Forgiveness is key to a healthy recovery. Most important is forgiveness to ourselves.


  1. Brad says:

    I’ve made mistakes drunk and sober and the hardest part for me is
    To forgive myself for being a selfish ass the good news for me is
    Spiritual progress not perfection I’m still learning about myself after
    Over 8 years of sobriety god bless this program and all the
    Strong people in it

  2. Shane says:

    Brad,I feel that myself is to blame for my drunkeness.Myself is also to thank for seeking sobriety.The glory goes to GOD.I forgive me by the grace of GOD.I’m finally on my way.With all that said we still have moments of relapse.Whether we drink or just wallow in self pity.It’s reassuring to no that even people who have been sober for 8yrs still have these moments.GOD BLESS

  3. Chloeb says:

    I agree too, someone told me the other day at a meeting don’t count the days just make the days count!!

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