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Keep it Simple

September 21, 2015 by Kayce L.

“Keep it simple” was a phrase that Dr. Bob used in the early days of AA to remind Bill Wilson that too much information was destructive for the newcomer.
It really is a simple program if you examine the last paragraph in the basic text (first 164 pages):


  1. Scott says:

    40 days and 40 nights, including weekends

  2. Chloeb says:

    Awesome guys!! Proud of you both

  3. Linda d says:

    Keeping it simple saved my life. Thanks to a wonderful intuitive sponsor who gave me streight forward directions: breathe, pray, move from room to room or from inside to outside and get busy with my hands. Every time I had a craving and did these simple things, the craving went away. The. cravings gradually got shorter in duration and further and further apart until one day I couldn’t remember my last craving! Thoughts come sometimes. I think they probably always will because I’m an alcoholic. I can change what I think about in an instant. I don’t give it wind! I’ve come to think about it like this: God will grant us the strength and courage we don’t possess in order to clear the channel between our minds and hearts to Him. BUT I have to ask.

    • David says:

      Feeling anxious, full of dread for no apparent reason and so I opened up my Georgia Sobriety and read your comment. Thanks so much for the reminder!

  4. Dave w says:

    10565 days this morning. I sometimes have to remind myself to keep it simple.
    It is easy for my mind to take things to the extreme.
    Not so much about drinking but life and the daily challenges.
    When I am overthinking stuff I get anxious.
    Time to stop and give a quick prayer. Usually it will bring me back to ground level.
    Keep with it, life does change and so will you!

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