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Sometimes Quickly, Sometimes Slowly

January 17, 2015 by Kayce L.

Our first true freedom is the freedom not to not to have to take a drink today. If we truly want it, we will work the 12 steps and the happiness of this freedom will come to us through the steps. Sometimes quickly-sometimes slowly. Other freedoms will follow and inventorying them is a new happiness. We have a new freedom to be the best we can be.


  1. Dave L says:

    tThe opposite of Addiction is not Sobriety. The opposite of Addiction is Bonding. We were not meant to do this alone. This is a We Program. We all may have different stories but our feelings and ambitions are the same. I like how I can relate to your stories and not compare

  2. Chris P. says:

    I have been coming around since 2005. I had 7 years without a drink then thought I could do it alone, today I have 2 days after 3 years of going back and fourth. I’m scared yet know I’m not alone today cause I prayed to GOD and found this app. It is a we program and I pray I can stop saying I and stop trying to do it alone.

  3. Mike says:

    i have gone in and out since 2010. The longest I have ever managed was 11 months. As of now, tomorrow will be 60 days. The problem that I have is that I am alone. You see, I am active military currently stationed in Japan. There is no meetings close by. ( at least none in English). I have just been reading, meditating, and white knuckleing it. I could use some help or encouragement. Thanks.

    • Chris P. says:

      Mike, we are here for ya buddy. If you need someone to chat with keep posting on here and I will talk with you. I now have only 39 days and moved in with aa roomates and now have to keep a place by myself. So I can totally relate to being alone at times. GOD is always with us though no matter where we are.

    • michael says:

      hang in there Mike. You can do it. There are online meetings and speakers you can download. It helps. I travel for work a lot and rely on these. I’m six months in and it’s true that you need support from others like us.
      Send me an email or reply to this thread with yours. I’ll be there for you, like the brothers I have found have been there for me.

    • Sheryl says:

      You are not alone.
      We are all in this together.
      Pray a lot it helps me.

  4. Barbara A. says:

    Hi Mike. Maybe you can find some fellow alcoholics in the military and start your own meeting. Good luck. You need to be willing to go to any lengths.

    • Chloeb says:

      I agree Barbara go to any lengths!! Maybe get the grapevine issues online that helps me when I can’t attend a meeting .. Trust God and don’t take the first drink and you will be ok!!!

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