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January 27, 2015 by Kayce L.

Forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others are just two currents in the same river, both hindered or shut off completely by the dam of resentment. Once that dam is lifted, both currents can flow. The steps of AA allow us to see how resentment has built up and subsequently blocked off this flow in our lives. The steps provide a way in which our resentments may be lifted.

Source: Daily Reflections of AA


  1. Stephen says:

    Self forgiveness is steps 4 and 5, others forgiveness comes with 8 and 9. During my drinking and using I blazed a trail of damage to others, I had no remorse at the time but once getting sober it was like a light switch! All of a sudden I had feelings and remorse for what I’ve done. With the steps and gods grace self forgiveness and forgiveness is attainable one day at a time

  2. Patrick says:

    I am learning to forgive myself and others because if I don’t I’m doomed to repeat my past.

  3. Mike says:

    This is a hard task for alcoholics (myself) we seem to ramble on about and find ourselves in self pity. -Must remember to take a step back and forgive, let go, let God, and forgive myself.

  4. Eddie m says:

    For me if I keep repeating the same behaviors I will never get out of self pity

  5. Bernadette says:

    aftee two years of sobriety I relapsed this weekend. I know what I need to do to get back on track and I have a fading support from my husband, but I have it. My daughters 18 and 23 won’t talk to me and I don’t know what to say, sorry is not going to cut it this time.

    • Daniel says:

      I encourage you to go to closed women’s meeting- get a sponsor who knows
      And speaks of the AA book like they read it. The doctors opinion and Bills story is a great start for 30 days. In this read you will find the secret (pg 14-15) You can do it! God loves you more than you’ll ever know…

    • Sheryl says:

      You can do it Bernadette!

    • Thomas Cromer says:

      Bernadette it’s ok God forgives you one day your family will don’t lose hope. You will always be loved.ok pray and find your inner peace.!!!!!!

  6. Brad says:

    Forgiving others wasn’t as hard as forgiving
    Myself like the book says these are people
    That are also sick the truth of the matter was
    Early in my sobriety I was also very sick
    And didn’t think I deserved forgiveness
    But with the help of my sponsor and prayer
    I was able to and when I did it brought me to
    Tears it was a good day

  7. Murine Leveridge says:

    forgiveness is the key we all need to live for Jesus

  8. Dale says:

    Forgiveness was, and still is at times hard thing for me to try to do. It is is especially hard when somebody makes me mad or gets me worked up, or whatever the case may be. But I am doing what I can now to get to where I can forgive openly.

  9. Bob says:

    Amen Murine!

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