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January 22, 2020 by Kayce L.

It's been a good while since my last post, and I'm starting with Resentments. Today, I am eat up with resentment and pain. That becoming so co-dependent again has intensified all my emotions. I'm in pain. My husband is cheating, my life is lonely and I feel the need to resent him, her and the situation. I just celebrated my birthday 10 years of sobriety. And that day I received confirmation on the affair. For so long I really have been mentally gas lighted and manipulated into doubting my self. The lengths a narcissist would go to is frightening. I resent him, her, and yet I am grateful for another day sober. Never isolate, never stop praying,

Resentments destroy us all.


  1. Thomas Cromer says:

    Kayce your awesome and a fighter stay strong sister

    • Thomas Cromer says:

      God will help u threw your awesome journey of sobriety I’m coming up on 8 years and 7 months of sobriety on February 9 th I feel awesome I love life !!!!!

  2. Rose M. says:

    Kayce, remember that you are wanted, loved, and needed, by a mighty God, and many around you.

    To be of service to another human being, is the greatest gift one can give to oneself. I get out of myself by helping others, volunteering either in aa or another charitable organization, a homeless shelter, or a church-city mission, or activity is so rewarding, and gets my mind off of my offenders.

    I had to do a fourth step on the one/s that were taking up rent in my head, aka my obsessions. that cleared away that wreckage, and self pity.

    Reading page 552 in the big book and putting that into practice helped me to understand.

    Also going to alanon helped tremendously since I deal with alcoholics almost every single day!

    Take care of yourself, my friend, and remember the fact that the big book says is resentment is the number one offender, and a killer for us!

  3. Thomas Cromer says:

    Awesome rose!!!!

  4. Silvia says:

    Hi Rose
    So sorry to hear about this horrific pain. I wonder if there is something more painful— of course aside from the self inflicted pain of acting out our own addictions-
    Al Anon is of great help. I was eating cookies to medicate the pain in a similar situation and realized I was adding insult to injury, so I sought out and found an amazing food program. The steps and the tools are keeping me focused on the solution. Praying for you

  5. wilson b. says:

    Kayce thomas and others is this site somewhere else?
    All ok?
    Peace be with you!

    • Gayle says:

      I’m wondering too! I hope Kacey that you can tell us about your situation today. I just read Chapter 3 in the BB and then came to this site. I am in need of meetings and better get to it. Or else I may fall prey to this cunning, baffling, powerful disease! First Things First.

      • Wilson b. says:

        Thanks for coming here!
        I come here and read this resentments post and thread!
        I found it by serendipity and i still come here.
        I hope the best for you kayce!! ??
        Peace be with you

  6. Wilson b. says:

    Anyone want to come on here and share?
    Kayce and all hope the peace of this fellowship
    Is with you and thank you for setting up this site!
    Thomas how many days now? Congrats!
    Peace be with us alk in these strange times...
    Wilson b.

  7. Paul selka says:

    Been there through that so I know how that feels graduations on your 10 years of sobriety and with the winners and stay away from the losers and stay connected when will be fine my best wishes for you and you’ll be in my prayers

  8. Wilson b. says:

    Happy 4th
    Peace be with you all

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