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Acceptance over Expectations

June 4, 2018 by Kayce L.

Acceptance over expectations is key in my recovery. It’s also the hardest.

When it comes to trusting someone, what they say or do is very hard after ones lost the trust in someone. Taking some situations one day at a time. I do my best to Accept what is and not Expect anything. Loving someone you don’t trust is very hard. So I have to trust in myself and my higher power to keep me strong and guide me through these times of distrust. I put my acceptance above my expectations.

Meetings and my sponsor help me in the weakest moments. Keep it simple everyone.


  1. Thomas Cromer says:

    I am 6 years and 11 months today god is awesome and amazing it’s been a wonderful journey I love each day of it I feel awesome!!!!!!!

  2. Dave C says:

    I’ve been married 15,001 days today. That would never have happened without the program and acceptance. Expectations are but premeditated resentments.

  3. Ron says:

    Expectations are the seeds of resentments.

  4. Joshua W. says:

    This morning I was woke up to my wife telling me how good her dream was of marrying another man. It hurt me really bad and then I read these things in here and wrote it out on my step 4 resentments and I can now look at where I have offended her and try to fix my part in pushing her away.
    I will rely on God for my strength to not act on my emotions.
    Thanks to Bill and all the first 100 for taking action and listening to God for building what is a miracle working program made for alcoholism.
    Praise God and thanks Bill W.

    • Kayce L. says:

      Joshua thanks for sharing. I know exactly where you are coming from. I had found myself full of resentments and fear. It’s a daily inventory I have to take just to stay on shore. I needed this thank you

      • Jamie says:

        Two words “me too” the simularities and transparency of recovering alcoholics talking and working the steps towards a life of sobriety I am grateful for AA a higher power which I choose to call God ” it’s a monkey see , monkey do ” daily program Thank you for being there

      • Thomas cromer says:

        How have u been kayce this is thomas

        • Thomas cromer says:

          I am 11 years clean and sober god is amazing and wonderful I feel so blessed and greatful !!!!!!

  5. Cathee Ann says:

    I really do appreciate acceptance over expectations, thank you for writing about it. I find in my sobriety when I have any issue with someone else, the issue is me. The person is reflecting an issue that is within me……I try to acknowledge that quickly, when I do I pray….God bless them, change me. I am grateful it is a day at a time, these 24 hrs. Realizing that I am in charge of effort and God is in charge of results, usually sets me straight. 417 of the BB gets my attitude back to gratitude, thank you.

  6. Jennifer says:

    My greatest blessing so far in sobriety is to understand what it means to choose acceptance over expectations. My life is full of joy and openness now that my expectations are minimal. Love to all!

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