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Self Acceptance 

April 9, 2017 by Kayce L.

Self-acceptance comes when we first that we have a disease because it’s easier to accept ourselves as sick people rather than as bad people. And the easier it is to accept ourselves, the easier it becomes to accept responsibility for ourselves. Without surrender to our powerlessness, we are catapulted back into our disease .Working the Twelve Steps teaches us to learn self-acceptance.


  1. Jerry says:

    Learning we to HAD to fully concede to our inner most self is the first step in recovery .pg 30 BB

  2. I always had a probl with ‘loving myself.’ I finally came to see the spiritual maxim ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself’ and understood then that Gid wants us to love ourselves and everybody.

  3. Brad says:

    I I didn’t learn to love myself until the fifth step when I realized God can forgive me for everything so I couldn’t i

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