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Higher Power in Recovery

April 10, 2017 by Kayce L.

Having a Higher Power is key. When I first began this journey in recovery, I had a hard time identifying with my spirituality. I started with my fellowship being my Higher Power. And after a while and I learned to love myself, my spirituality opened up and I came to believe in a Higher Power, I call God.


  1. Thomas Cromer says:

    I started my journey on July 9 th 2011 on a Saturday found god now I’m 6 years and 9 months I love my life god is all powerful I love my sobriety it’s awesome!!!!!!

  2. Jerry says:

    Here is what I found in a AA meeting.Here I found an ingredient that had been lacking in any other effort I had made to save myself.Here was- Power. Here was power to live to the of any giving day, power to have the courage to face next day , power to have friends, power to help people , power to be sane , Power to stay sober .That was years ago and many AA meetings ago – and I haven’t had a drink during the entire time.More- over , I am deeply convinced that as long as I continue to strive , in my bumbling way, towards the principles I first encountered in the earlier chapters of this book this remarkable power will continue to flow through me.What is this power? With my AA friends , all I can say is that it’s a power greater than myself.

    These are not my words however I have received this great gift as well . We shall not forget we came to AA powerless!!!!

  3. Rick c says:

    The power of God first of all my soberity date 6-5-2012 there’s one thing I couldn’t do on my own he heard my desperation in a dream i had one day That I would be sober and productive member of society because I didn’t know how to pray he put a man in my life who is my sponsor but in the beginning he was my god because I didn’t know how to live without alcohol I went to meetings I heard God threw all of you every day I get to see Gods light every time a newcomer gets his or her first chip there first sober day a chance at life the best day I ever had was the day I surrendered my will to this super power I call God and I’m in acceptance of his will and the power to carry that out think about this if your having a problem with God here comes the thinking part think of the problem he’s having with you

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