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Recovering our Serenity

September 22, 2016 by Kayce L.

There are many ways to recover our serenity. We can go to a meeting, phone our sponsor, meet another recovering addict/alcoholic for lunch, or try to carry the message to a newcomer. We can pray. We can take a moment to ask ourselves what simple things we haven’t been doing. When our attitudes head downhill, we need to take a moment and remember gratitude.


  1. Thomas Cromer says:

    I love my sobriety more than anything in the world gratitude I’m so thankful for God my wife my family and to y’all my brothers in sisters in our journey of our life’s love ya !!!!!!

    • Thomas Cromer says:

      I hope that helps someone out there because we have hope faith love and wisdom strength courage !!!!!!!

      • Joe Thurston says:

        My friend in sobriety, I will by the grace of GOD !!!! Have 34 yearsof sobriety. It is refreshing for to me read the weds of another alcoholic with so much faith and hope, and let’s not forget the most important. “LOVE” Thank you for your inspiring words !!!

    • Kelley says:

      I want so badly to be able to say that one day! I’m struggling so bad I’ve hurt so many people and myself I feel like a prisoner of my mind , I’m was diagnosised with alcoholism and BMD today at the hospital and I’m going to start going to meetings and out patient

  2. Ashley says:

    To take a moment and remember all the positive things we’re grateful for is sometimes just what we need in overwhelming moments, situations, or even our feelings. To stop and look around at all the amazing powerful positive aspects of ourself and our lives is a tool its self. It’s so easy for us to get caught up in the negative that we completely forget about all the good as well! Without the bad there wouldn’t be good, and the good is what needs our focus! A positive mind brings forth a positive attitude, and a positive attitude encourages positive feelings & emotions! All which is good for the soul & especially those in recovery!

  3. Dave w says:

    Nice Ashely! Thank you.
    Speaking of focusing on the positive. Every time I hear the old song by Johnnie Nash.
    It helps remind me of when I was new to this program.
    Give a listen to the words in the song ” I can see clearly now”.
    I appreciate the reminder of positivity .

  4. Dave C says:

    Good post, and really good feedback. Zippidy Do Da is another good song, it was suggested to look in the mirror and sing when lacking serenity. Makes me smile just thinking about it. 1 young guy I work with has been an extreme challenge to my serenity. I just heard “Comman sense is not a seed that grows in everybody’s garden”. Thanks again for the feedback

  5. Chloeb says:

    Wow.. Y’all are awesome .. Thank you so very much for the topic and for the shares.. I was put in an awkward situation tonight and did lose serenity for a bit..been sober 3 years but remembered that someone told me sometimes the only thing between you and a drink or your serenity is God… God is my higher power and he was there.. I’m good now I called my sponsor and I got on here and this was the topic.. I’m grateful to be an alcoholic today and grateful for this program and each of you!

  6. Chloeb says:

    Thanks guys!! Today is a new day!! I woke up I’m sober and if that’s it it is definitely enough for me!!

  7. Scott says:

    Just worked some overtime this am, now I’m going to pass out…sober

  8. Dave w says:

    Nice Scott! Being tired from hard work is a good tired. Waking up feels a hell of a lot better
    When sober. Rest well and get another night sober.

  9. janice says:

    Spontaneous meditation brings me comfort when I am going off the rails. I love my life. God bless you all.

  10. Misty G says:

    Thank you all for the topic and feedback. When I came into the rooms last year I could not understand how everyone was so happy. I was miserable and my disease told me that I couldn’t have what everyone had, that I wasn’t capable. I didn’t follow any of the suggestions and I stayed miserable. I went back out and hit a lower bottom. By the grace of God I have 78 days today and an entirely new outlook on AA, the people in the rooms and my life. I cherish my sobriety and I’ll take serenity over vodka any day of the week! My life today is living proof that it does work if you work it and I’m incredibly grateful for my higher power, AA and all of you!!

  11. Dave w says:

    Misty it’s good you came back. At first i didn’t get it how could they be happy?
    What am I gonna do with my time if I’m not drinking? How am I gonna meet someone?
    Who the hell am I gonna hang out with? Will any thing be fun any more?
    I didn’t get the slogans, it felt like a cult or group therapy or some shit I didn’t want to be around.
    Honestly I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing and remain alive. I had to try something else.
    So I thought I would just fake it and see if I could make it or at least feel better.
    It worked I felt better. All the stuff I worried about just didn’t matter or got better.
    I eventually got the spiritual aspect of this program. And realized it wasn’t because of me or what I was trying that started the life turn around it was my higher power. Tha grace of god. Indeed.
    Keep coming back. Life improves. It doesn’t stop happening but you deal with it
    Much better. Congrats on 78 days. You inspire old timers like me.

  12. Chloeb says:

    Wow misty congrats on the 78 (79 now right?) yay … I’m proud of you for coming back and for letting me know it still sucks out there.. I don’t know if I’d make it back so for today I’ll not take a drink and try the same thing tomorrow when I wake up.. this program has given me life and shown me it’s never too late to start .. that’s actually what I thought when I first came in.. I’m too old why start now.. well you guys told me how it keeps getting better and it wasn’t too late so one day at a time has gotten me here today.. thank you all!!

  13. janice says:

    Thanks Misty if it wasn’t for the newcomers honesty I wouldn’t be an old timer. I’m listening and growing with you. God bless!!!

  14. Scott says:

    I found a 10mg of Vicodin on the floor at work today when I was cleaning up and I threw it away. WTF!! There was a time when I would beg, borrow or steal for these

  15. Dave w says:

    Scott it is a weird feeling isn’t it?
    My first job out of rehab—–bartender. Not recommended.
    However I was blessed and got to see exactly why I had to stop.
    I could see clearly who enjoyed a cocktail occasionally and which ones lived for it and needed it. It kind of repulsed me and I became more committed to sobriety.
    Like I said not the best job out of rehab but it worked for me.
    I do remember how it felt on that first shift and pouring drinks and smelling it.
    Glad you tossed the Vicodin. Keep strong and try to do the next right thing in all the upcoming situations you will face. Our disease is waiting for us just out there doing push-ups waiting for us to see if just this one time it will be okay. No one will know.? Like the chips say to thine own self be true.
    Good job brother.

  16. Chloeb says:

    Love love love being sober and I love AA!!

  17. Dave w says:

    I finally got a good job after a couple year of looking.
    Still struggling with addict son and my wife who has had enough.
    In my own sick brain I feel like I am not good enough .
    I have done the work before just lacking confidence.
    I know I need to take each day and be grateful. The numbskull I am still has fears about inadequacy. You would think after about fourty years of experience I would be confident???

  18. Dave w says:

    Thanks Tom I try and do the right thing. But as we say we are not saints.
    Feel bad bitching about stress of new job. Hell its what I’ve been searching for.
    Trying to plan and produce results for business seems overwhelming.
    But I remain grateful. I’m trying not to stress too much.
    Thanks for the prayers glad we help each other out.
    It helps just to vent.

    • Thomas Cromer says:

      Yeah Dave we will all be ok because we have to be !!!!!!!

    • Sheryl says:

      Keep on keeping on. I am a stress monster too it can be exhausting.
      Thomas my daughter moved away too. Sure we miss them!! It’s ok to miss people it means we are alive and can feel even though I used to drink so I wouldn’t feel. I finally realized after almost 3 years of being sober I guess I won’t die from feeling.. At least not yet haha

  19. Dave w says:

    You all help me so much. I read this when I am struggling.
    I read this when I feel good.
    Hurts being a parent of an addict. I tried so hard to set an example.
    I shared with him when he was old enough why I didn’t drink anymore.
    I told him I lost my big brother to heroin.
    Just hasn’t seen the light.
    Sorry to speak of other problems not just alcohol but in my opinion we are all the same with substance abuse.
    I am grateful to be sober and glad I can share here.

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