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Resentment and Anger 

April 4, 2015 by Kayce L.

Pray without resentments in your heart. 

Resentments is anger that we don’t want to turn over to our Higher Power.  When we hold on to anger, it turns into self-will. We all get angry from time to time. The program is there to help us let go of the anger. Work on keeping anger out of our hearts. 

List any resentments you may have and talk about them at your next meeting or with your sponsor. This is the best way to turn resentments over to your Higher Power. 

Source: Keep it Simple. 


  1. Dave says:

    This was very helpful. Thank you!

  2. Tim says:

    read it three times and prayed, feeling much better! Thanks

  3. Kyle s says:

    Continue to watch for selfishness, dishonesty, resentment, and fear. When these crop up, we ask God at once to remove them. We discuss them with someone immediately and make amends quickly if we have harmed anyone. Then we resolutely turn our thoughts to someone we can help.

  4. Daniel says:

    A few years back…in the middle of a custody and divorce battle…the harm I wished to do was
    tempered by the thought it was time to pray. On my knees and through the tears
    I asked my father in heaven to relieve me of the bondage of the thoughts and
    replace them with the beauty of my kids faces. I asked for the willingness
    to pray for my wife. I asked for the patience to let time become my ally rather than my enemy.
    I asked God to run my life and let love be my focus….regardless of my percueved hurts and parental rights. Hours and hours on my knees praying to my father…I was released somewhere in the night from the bondage. It became clear that my efforts would no longer be needed and it was
    time to let go….and let God have my troubles, my wounds and my heartache.

    My mind was renewed to be helpful, giving, and happy… No matter what! I read page 14-15 over and over and now know the secret…” We perfect and enlarge our spiritual life through work and
    self sacrifice for others”. And with us it is just like that!

  5. Audrey says:

    thanks everyone. I am 19 days today and it’s been a very rough but enlightening road for me. I still haven’t found the god creature or the higher power but I am looking…

    • Sheryl says:

      Proud of you Audrey!

    • Alice M says:

      Greetings Audrey, quite awhile back I read on this blog “God is in the rooms of AA”.
      I started really listening to people’s stories of how they recovered. They described how God had done for them what they could not do for themselves. Today I continue to feel a spiritual power in the rooms of AA. Over time my spirituality is blossoming. I am learning that God is all around.
      To make a beginning we only need to be willing to believe that “something greater than me” can restore me to sanity. Hopefully you can talk with women in the rooms of AA, your concerns are common.

      • Judy says:

        So true I just got 8 yrs and I have god on my side life is so great the things I got threw if he was not by my side I would hAd drank along time let go let god I go to a lot of meating not for me but so people can hear what I been threw

    • Daniel says:

      Audrey… Be encouraged…your days will turn to months..months to years.
      It all started for me at age 22…August 24th 1980. It truly is “One day at a time”

  6. Terri says:

    thankyou for all of the comments! So helpful! God… More of you, less of me

  7. Marie says:

    surrendering is tough for me. The longer I’m in the program, the less I know.

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