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Gratitude and Positive Thinking

March 30, 2015 by Kayce L.

Positive thinking can greatly improve our mental and physical health. It gives us energy and the confidence to do the things that will make our lives better. Gratitude and positive thinking go hand in hand. In fact, it would not really be possible for people to experience much positivity if they are not happy with their life. If you feel grateful you will automatically be thinking positive.


  1. Drewe says:

    The only way I can be positive is to have humility. Humility being “the understanding of my place in the universe “….. Exactly ! Pretty small really! Then I can find god then I can have gratitude … Then positivity.
    Also from one of the great spiritual teachers I have found in my step 11 work… Ekhart tolle….
    The voices and my mind isn’t real… It’s not ME. It’s a false mind made sense of self.
    Step outside of my kind and watch my voices all living in past and future.
    Be present. Breathe. Mediate and in presence there is no fear as fear is past and future.
    Amen and love to you all

  2. Chris Roberson says:

    positive is great when things are going great,soon as things take a turn for the worst that’s when faith comes in and recovery from the 12 steps reaching out being honest with ur self etc

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